Conventional Office Executive Business Center
Office Space Rental Private Office, Reception Area, Conference Room, Kitchen, Equipment Space, Unisex Rest Room (750 sq. ft) $937.50 Private Office (116 sq. ft. with 215 sq. ft. shared common areas + access to all common facilities - break area, handicapped accessible restrooms, reception area) $658.75
Staffing Requirements Administrative Assistant to act as Office Manager, Telephone Operator, Receptionist 8 hours/day $1,428.00 Use Executive Business Center Receptionist 9 hrs/day $0.00
Employee Benefits Vacation, Overtime, Sick Leave, Temps, Workers Comp, Health Insurance, Training (22%) $314.00 Use Executive Business Center Staff $0.00
Secretarial / Word Processing Administrative Assistant $0.00 Use Executive Business Center Staff 10 Hours Per Week at $22.00/hr (optional) $880.00
Equipment Leases Color Photocopier, Networked Printer, Fax Machine, Postal Scale $250.00 Access to Executive Business Center Equipment $0.00
  Assuming 50 faxes per month at $1.00 per page using our fax $50.00
Telephone Equipment Lease Customer Premise Equipment $100.00 Use of Executive Business Center VoIP Telephone Equipment - 1 Phone Number, +3-line presence $150.00
Telecomm Lines 1 Phone Line $31.24 Included $0.00
Long Distance 1,200 minutes/month
$0.059/Per Minute
$70.80 1,200 minutes/month
Office Supplies Paper for Fax, Printer, and Copier, Developer, Toner, Ribbons, Coffee, etc. $150.00 Use of Executive Business Center Equipment $0.00
Photocopies Use Own Copier(Supplies Included Above) $0.00 Assuming 500 copies per month at $.12 each $60.00
General Furniture Lease: Conference Room Table and Chairs, Reception Area Furniture, Desk & Chair for Assistant, Micowave, Refrigerator, Coffeemaker, etc. $250.00 Included $0.00
Security Monitoring   $10.00 Included $0.00
Trash Service   $42.00 Included $0.00
Utilities   $117.00 Included $0.00
Building Repairs   $25.00 Included $0.00
Building Insurance   $42.00 Included $0.00
Janitorial Service   $100.00 Included $0.00
Monthly Costs:   $3,867.54   $1,966.75
Annualized Costs:   $46,410.48   $23,601.00
The Executive Business Center can save you up to 50% on monthly operating costs and up to 90% on up front capital cost associated with build-out and equiping a traditional office. Make the comparison using your own numbers or call us and let us complete a comparison for you.